IT Service


Magento Service : Magento is one of the open source e-commerce platforms that are written in PHP. Magento employs MySQL- Relational Database Management System, PHP programming Language and elements of Zend Framework... Read More

Woo Commerce : WooCommerce is a plugin for e-commerce that helps it in getting more from the WordPress website. It is built on core WordPress functionality and offers all the excellent features that are needed for making the e-commerce store powerful... Read More

OpenCart Ecommerce Development :OpenCart is a PHP-based open source e-commerce platform and is considered to be one of the most user-friendly and robust offering top-end solutions. OpenCart provides powerful e-commerce shopping cart with great tools and minimal investments... Read More

Presta Shop Development :PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce solution which is available under open software license PrestaShop. Because of its lightweight database with much faster processing, PrestaShop has created buzz for the online business fraternity... Read More

Open Source

PHP Website : PHP being a robust and server-side language it is one of the best open source programming languages that are used for creating dynamic web applications. This is the dynamic programming method which with the use of customized control panels that allots the website with ultra-advanced features... Read More

Symfony Development : Symfony is an open-source framework that is based on PHP web application for the model-view-controller applications. Symfony development services help in building enterprise level applications... Read More

Zend : Zend framework is currently counted among the highest PHP frameworks and rated good among them. Zend Framework is an object-oriented open-source platform which allows the developers for building secured and scalable applications... Read More

Cake PHP Services : CakePHP is considered to be one of the most powerful open-source PHP frameworks and is highly helpful in developing web applications. The built websites on CakePHP Framework are simpler and perform faster than other applications... Read More

CMS Development

Drupal CMS : Drupal is an open-source content-management framework that is written in PHP. This provides a wide array of back-end framework for websites ranging from corporate to government sites. Drupal is highly functional and sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) and featured with powerful in-class security... Read More

WordPress Website : WordPress being one of the popular Open-Source content management systems in the world is widely used for blogs and business websites. WordPress is powered by PHP and MySQL data back-end with rich plugin architectures is widely admired all around the world... Read More

Joomla Website : Joomla is one of the Content Management Systems which has become widely popular for its user-friendly and extensible features. Being an Open-source solution, Joomla is available for everyone... Read More

Customer Relationship Management

Oro CRM : OroCRM is an open-source and easy to use CRM with built-in marketing tools for eCommerce business. This software is fully targeted on the e-commerce. OroCRM offers the best functionalities being flexible as well as powerful... Read More

Suite CRM : SuiteCRM is an open source CRM software for businesses of any sizes. SuiteCRM helps in growing sales and build up a client base. It also helps in organizing, executing and tracking the marketing strategies... Read More

Vtiger CRM : vTiger CRM is an open source CRM that has a global presence and used by more over 100000 companies. For its high flexibility, functional features and modules, vTiger CRM is suitably fit for being used in the critical environments of the enterprises. It is used as a complete on-premise CRM application... Read More

Database Development

Oracle Database : Oracle Database is a relational database management system and is a collection of data that is treated as a unit. The main purpose of this database is storing and retrieving related information. Oracle Database takes a key part in solving the errors in information management... Read More

Other Services

Custom Software Application : Custom software development is designing of the software applications for any specific users within any organizations. Any such software is designed for addressing the needs of the businesses. Custom software development is created for the specific entity by a group of developers... Read More

Quality Assurance Testing : Software bugs can cost highly expensive every year for the businesses. The best way to avoid such instances is software quality assurance and testing. Companies require incorporating efficient quality assurance and testing program within their operations in order to ensure high-quality software releases... Read More

Website Designing Services : A business website is the identity of the business that defines the related work.It is imperative to establish web presence for the businesses that effectively enhances the marketing strategy of the business... Read More

Search Engine Optimization Services : Every website thrives on the online platform to get enhanced visibility on the search engine result page with a good rank. But all websites don’t deserve to be on the top of the list for which the websites are not cited on the search engine... Read More