Suite CRM


SuiteCRM: The Efficient CRM Software for Efficient Marketing Strategies

SuiteCRM is an open source CRM software for businesses of any sizes. SuiteCRM helps in growing sales and build up a client base. It also helps in organizing, executing and tracking the marketing strategies.

Being an open source CRM, it allows changes that would suitably be fit for business structure and workflow. SuiteCRM is the functional alternative to all the major CRM suites like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle Dynamic. SuiteCRM is engaged as enterprise ready which has successfully take over the place of the traditional vendors.

Advantages of SuiteCRM for Businesses

SuiteCRM customization boosts up the services and productivity of the business. This customization aims to fulfill the core objectives of the business. With SuiteCRM integration, the websites are powered to handle product requests as well as the processing of payments through a safe payment gateway with a secure server.

Implementing SuiteCRM it is easier to manage areas like sales, marketing as well as client relations. It also would highly be helpful in data migration, customization, integration, configuration, and deployment. By opting for SuiteCRM custom extensions, it is easier to improve user services.

SOLUTION EMPIRE Offers Unmatched SuiteCRM Customization Services

SOLUTION EMPIRE professional developers assist in achieving the CRM goals. Our SuiteCRM Customization makes your CRM look modern, elegant and professional. This enhances the CRM user experience. With the custom colours and logo, we customize the look and feel of the CRM.

Our all-round expertise professionals discuss the goals of your business and likewise customize the SuiteCRM that perfectly fits your business process. We determine the best workflow model and imply it that makes your business lead ahead successfully.

We are even proficient in the migration of the data in CRM. Our professionals also offer assistance in implementation and installation of SuiteCRM system.

What Do We Offer?

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At SOLUTION EMPIRE, we have developers with years of experience in SuiteCRM development. Our developers have customized, migrated and integrated SuiteCRM for different industries like Healthcare, Retail, Education, Travel, Technology, Publication, etc. We offer cost-effective solutions and services.