OroCRM Offers the Best Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce Business

OroCRM is an open-source and easy to use CRM with built-in marketing tools for eCommerce business. This software is fully targeted on the e-commerce. OroCRM offers the best functionalities being flexible as well as powerful.

It integrates with Magento and other channels seamlessly and enables for organizing to get a 360o view of the total customer base. OroCRM offers a full set of advantages for the e-commerce businesses.

Classify Your Clients with Different Data Sets with Beneficial OroCRM Open Source Tool

Advanced search REST and SOAP APIs Users, Groups and Role Management with ACL Flexible Entities with Dynamic Attributes Data Audit and Grid Auto-save

With such key features, OroCRM is considered as the best tool for the marketers. The customer segmentation feature offers the business owners to classify their clients with different data sets. OroCRM’s marketing automation tools for the commerce companies that offers them easy to track and segment customers.

Advantages of Implementing OroCRM

Accounts and contact management with OroCRM is easier. Getting control over the customer data across all web-based user interfaces. Leads and opportunity management are offered by OroCRM which is seamlessly executed by capturing the prospect information and nurturing them with the sales cycles. 360o view of the customers is enabled with OroCRM. With OroCRM it is easier to capture every part of the customer interaction. Sales and marketing performance dashboard option is enabled with OroCRM. With such feature making a strategic decision that is based on real-time data flow across multiple channels is easier. Reporting and analytics are easier with OroCRM that would leverage the built-in reports engine for gaining insight of the data across the business. Gaining quantitative insight about the customer base with RFM analysis with OroCRM is precisely done that is helpful in leveraging in dictating precise marketing information. OroCRM has good workflows that can be integrated with the organizational use for defining sales processes, marketing activities and many more activities. OroCRM is deeply integrated with 3rd party platforms which ensure you to join-up approach to the CRM data flow.

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