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Markets are curiously unpredictable and there is a constant pursuit to get a firm grip on the market. Market research surveys play a pivotal role in knowing the market behavior and making informed decisions for the company. Being the pedestal on which a good research is based, it is exceedingly important that research surveys should be scientifically and tactically designed. The collection of data from the appropriate sample aiming at a reasonable response rate is another quintessential function of a survey.

SBS has expertise in designing and conducting top-notch market research surveys. You can make smart business decisions with SBS’s market research survey services. An expert in providing both quantitative and qualitative market research surveys, SBS can perform web based market surveys, telephonic surveys and mail surveys according to your specific requirements.

Market research surveys at Solution BPO Services

Be assured about quality, affordability and professionalism in your engagement with SBS. Here are some reasons why SBS has a successful track record in marketing research:

Proven survey design techniques – We aim at generating a good number of responses for market research surveys and follow the best practices in survey deployment. Our survey designers take care of the structure and content of the survey, which ensures the quality of the responses in a marketing research survey.

Leveraging the internet – Internet market research is a powerful medium to get the maximum number of respondents. Carefully managed online polls and email surveys are approached positively by respondents than the traditional methods of snail mail. You can also use market research paid surveys wherein an expert panel of respondents will give serious feedback on your survey questions. SBS leverages the internet medium for online market research surveys to get you the best results.

Telephonic surveys – Telephonic surveys facilitate a quick collection of data as there is a one on one interaction with the respondents SBS can provide you with a team of tele-callers who will contact survey respondents and collect information.

Survey report generation and survey analysis – Once the survey is complete, we will generate advanced reports with the use of sophisticated software and tools like the Statistical Package for Social Sciences, (SPSS). These survey reports will help you decipher critical skews, trends and analyze the responses accurately. You can get your reports in Excel, PDF or in any other format that you require.

60% cost savings – You need not spend too much money in conducting market research surveys. SBS brings you the advantages of offshore outsourcing and saves you almost 60% on your costs. Grab this cost savings opportunity which does not compromise on quality!

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SBS brings you comprehensive research services with our full-fledged team dedicated to perform market research and market surveys. You can bank on our experience in the outsourcing industry, our expertise in market research and our commitment to provide our clients with good quality services. Moreover, with SBS’s risk-free infrastructure and systems you need not worry about data security. Get top notch market intelligence for your research needs from SBS.