Email & Chat Support

Solution BPO Services utilizes Leading Edge Communications, a licensed FCC 214 carrier in India, as our gateway to all US, UK, Canada, Australia and India connectivity. Other carriers can be easily integrated also.

Incoming calls can be routed over the VOIP cloud through the carrier, directly via leased line using SIP protocol. Data circuits can also be connected via leased circuit or VPN using the internet.

At our premises, we have full installation of Asterisk Contact Center. This installation with fully redundant software, provides a total PBX and CRM solution able to handle incoming calls, outbound calls including predictive dialing, Email support, Chat and Web Callback. It can also record all calls.

Solution BPO Services uses multiple carriers for voice traffic, multiple ISP’s on different carriers for data, and has an abundant supply of spare parts for all equipment. Once the calls arrive offshore, each agent has a SIP-phone to answer the calls as well as a fully functional PC.

Solution BPO Services manage HRM for internal HR Management, Own CRM For Lead Management, VICIDIAL CRM for Call Management, X-Lite for Connect with Dialer, Open office for Spreadsheets.

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