Inbound Customer Support

We do more than customer service. We deliver outstanding customer experiences that reinforce—and differentiate—your brand in the mind of your customer.

A customer service experience impacts the discernment a customer has of your brand. And in the in the age of social media, it can also influence more opinions than ever before. That’s why we never forget that our most important goal is to consistently deliver superior customer experiences—before, during and after the sale.

When your customers have a positive experience with your brand, you get increased share of wallet and repeat business. So whether we’re answering a product question, taking an order, processing a return or exchange, or solving a problem of any kind, we always make sure your customers feel respected, served and cared for, and that we meet or be more than their expectations for the interaction.

Focusing on Brand Care

We call our agents Brand Care Specialists, which makes it clear that their highest priority is faithfully taking care of your brand image and representing your company to your customers. Our agents immerse themselves in your brand, acquire hands-on knowledge by using your products, so we can speak from experience when talking to your customers.

We ensure outstanding customer experiences by being first-class communicators—both with your customers and with you. To a much greater degree than at other call centers, our account managers communicate with you and with the agents on your account to keep everyone on the same page. There are no layers of management standing between you and SBS account manager, who strongly identifies with your company and products—just like our agents. In fact, they think of themselves as working for you and always answer questions about you as if they did.

The right agents on the right accounts

Every brand has a personality of its own, and one agent may be better suited to representing it than another. We have developed proprietary recruiting, training and management processes that get the right people representing the right brand, in the right way.

Our on-site training facilities, dedicated trainers, and customized training programs prepare our Brand Care Specialists to speak your brand and meet the customer satisfaction metrics you specify. We encourage our agents to take the initiative and go the extra mile in solving problems. Customers who get such outstanding, personal service become loyal customers and even advocates for your brand.

The technology behind customer care

Our technology that supports delivering outstanding customer care is flexible—another key Global Response differentiator. We can do the necessary integration to use your existing platform, or we can build the operations workflow on our patented platform, and still include your business rules. Our platform includes tools that allow agents to view caller’s web history on the ordering site, enabling them to provide the best service, mainly when a caller is having problem with the site.

Our implementation team works with you to specify business objectives, quality metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and more. We provide web-based reporting to measure any aspect of our service you want to monitor, including customer wait time, average call length, abandonment rate, conversion rate, and more. We can also integrate this real-time data into your existing reporting infrastructure.