Customized RPO


Customized Recruitment Projects

Companies look to recruitment process outsourcing – RPO to source better employees, more quickly, while also reducing their operational complexity, cost and risk. While SOLUTION RPO offers complete end-to-end RPO solutions to optimize your recruitment investment, we also offer project-based support for any part of the RPO process—whether you need assistance with sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviewing, extending offers or pre- and post-hiring. This solution unbundles the full RPO service to deliver any component, for any position level or profession.

The Flexibility Of Dedicated Resources

SOLUTION RPO’s capacity and resources are fully scalable, providing you additional control over your project schedule and budget.

Complementing Your Internal Team

Our solutions act as an extension of your recruiting department, instead of competing with it.

Customized To Your Process

SOLUTION RPO can tailor a solution to support any part of the direct hire recruitment process in which you need support.