Call Center

Inbound Customer Support

We do more than customer service. We deliver outstanding customer experiences that reinforce—and differentiate—your brand in the mind of your customer.

A customer service experience impacts the perception a consumer has of your brand. And in the in the age of social media, it can also influence more opinions than ever before. That’s why we never forget that our most important goal is to consistently deliver superior customer experiences—before, during and after the sale... Read More

Inbound Sales & Outbound Sales

Maximizing the Potential of Every Interaction

The first interaction makes a lasting impression. At SBS, we train our agents to speak with our client’s brand voice and mirror their sales process so that we can become an extension of their sales strategy. Our agents have the soft skills, product knowledge, and company understanding to consistently deliver a superb buying experience that drives repeat business and reinforces the brand. Our trained agents can provide sales call center support across a wide variety of industries products and services. Read More